In Their Own Words: Stories of Underrepresented Voices in Tech

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Join us for an evening with speakers from an array of diverse backgrounds answering the question “What does inclusivity mean to you?” We’ll explore themes such as unconscious bias and hear from speakers firsthand about defining moments in their careers, their day to day experiences, and what could make the workplace a more inclusive place.

Technology Access FoundationAll ticket proceeds will benefit the Technology Access Foundation (TAF), a nonprofit leader in science, technology, engineering and math education.  TAF’s mission is to equip students of color for success in college and life through the power of STEM education.

The Speakers

Tammarrian RogersTammarrian Rogers

Tammarrian brings over 25 years of experience as an African American, gay, woman in the tech industry.  Driven and inspired by her curiosity, she enjoys exploring and learning new things whenever opportunities arise.  Her passion is inspiring,  mentoring and witnessing others make heart-born life goals and achieve or surpass them.  She’s extremely excited to join us today to share, listen and learn.



Crystal HessCrystal Hess

Crystal graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and then taught high school CS for 10 years. During those years, she transformed and grew her CS program and the diversity of the students who took her classes. She is now the Program Manager at Ada Developers Academy where she hopes to create change at a bigger scale.


Kiesha GarrisonKiesha Garrison

Kiesha spends her days at Microsoft as a Senior Business Development Manager driving ad tech partnerships for MSN.  An alumna of Spelman College with a B.A. in Economics, her professional background includes consumer marketing at Time, Inc. and business development for software startups in digital publishing and health care.

Beyond her work negotiating deals, Kiesha is a mother, mentor, insatiable learner, and multi-passionate person hoping to model for those in her circle of influence the courage to live, work, and play as your authentic self.

  Claudia CuevasClaudia Cuevas

I obtained a B.A. degree in Business Administration, but decided to pursue a career in IT when applying for MBA programs. It was there that I found my passion for technology. After twosuccessful years as a Systems Administrator, I decided to leave that career to pursue anotherone—become a Software Developer. I attended a local Code School in Seattle and within a year, I was lucky to have found a company that was willing to overlook my programming experience and to provide me with the opportunity to build an amazing product with their core of Senior Engineers.

Adam BellAdam Bell

As CEO of NIRDHost, Adam is responsible for growing revenue, recruiting talent, and shaping company culture. As a former aerospace engineer, Adam has experience leading complex technical projects.


Susie LeeSusie Lee

Susie Lee is the CEO / co-founder of Siren, a dating app starting connections that matter. A graduate of Yale, Columbia and UW with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, science education, and ceramics, Lee is a social sculptor whose work has been commissioned and collected by numerous institutions including the Denver Art Museum, Mitchell Center for the Arts, Frye Art Museum, and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. She has been recognized for a number of awards including Emerging Artist of the Year, Artist to Watch, and the Stranger Genius Award. Siren has been featured on NPR, The Guardian, CNN, The Stranger, GeekWire, ThinkProgress, Frieze, and Engadget, partnered with Durex on a  37million view campaign and won Geekwire’s App of the Year.

MH LinesMH Lines

MH Lines is the Marketing Technology Strategy Lead for Centric Consulting’s Seattle office.  She leads teams from .net development to marketing operations around Seattle and across the country.  She’s a passionate technologist, business leader and mom to two kids under four.


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