About Us

Our team of expert editors spends more than 400 hours per week researching products, conducting hands-on tests, interviewing industry pros, studying market research, reviewing consumer feedback, and writing up all our findings into digestible yet comprehensive reviews. We don’t use an algorithm or software to choose the products — they’re all hand-picked and researched or tested by us! About us

The amount of research and testing for each piece of content varies, since some products involve more complex topics — while others allow us to flex our discovery and curation skills, for a brighter counter companion. Sometimes we get our hands dirty while we’re wrist-deep in the product-testing phase … yes, those are a thing), while other times you’ll find us drowning in dozens of browser tabs full of brand and product research.


We don’t use an algorithm or software to choose the products — they’re all hand-picked, researched, or tested by us!

We’ll outline all the best options within a category and offer a product comparison so you can make a well-informed purchase that meets your target needs and budget. We’ll also introduce you to the latest, most on-trend items across 10 different verticals (tech, beauty, fashion, fitness, parenting … you name it!) that come researched, tested, and editor-approved. If you haven’t found what it is you’re looking for, then we haven’t done our job. About us

Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve reviewed hundreds of thousands of products since we launched, and we never recommend something we wouldn’t buy ourselves. We first conduct hours of research and initial product tests before finalizing our top picks within a category. Our editors spend days — sometimes weeks — researching and comparing several different models, reading consumer feedback, studying competitor coverage, calling in products, and hands-on testing across our team.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, you can contact us directly. We approach answer with ultimate attention following our motto “there is no price on safely. “Let’s make the roads safer together!