Board Members


Martina Welkhoff

martina-headshot-300x300Martina has worked in a variety of startup environments, from helping to debut a new publication to developing a new program within a large nonprofit. Most recently, she was the CEO and cofounder of Zealyst, a mobile gaming app that strategically connected employees, which was acquired by the University of Washington. Prior to founding Zealyst, Martina launched a high school student leadership initiative for Volunteers of America and the Major League Baseball Players Trust. Since early 2009, Martina has been studying and practicing mediation and facilitation for businesses and community organizations. Her background in facilitation and passion for helping people connect has equipped Martina to extend Zealyst’s reach and impact more lives.  Martina takes great joy in spending time with her dogs and doing yoga. @MartinaWelke

Bob Crimmins


Bob is a career technologist, serial entrepreneur (including five venture-backed companies), and philosophy grad. Currently, Bob is the founder and chief instigator of Startup Haven, a community-driven organization that supports founders by connecting them with education, opportunities and each other. He is also co-founder of Wise Walker (along with his twin 14-year-old daughters), a pet product company launched with a Kickstarter. Bob is a mentor, advisor and an active member of the Seattle tech community. He works with Techstars, Seattle Angel Conference, Founder Institute and other startup-oriented organizations to help founders navigate the challenges of starting a company. @bcrimmins

Candace Faber

candace-300x300Candace is the City of Seattle’s first-ever Civic Technology Advocate, where she connects technologists who want to do good with ways to make a difference in their community. She has been an active member of Seattle’s startup scene since moving back in 2013 after a career in the U.S. Foreign Service spanning four countries and Washington, DC. She is currently serving as guest faculty in the University of Washington’s Information School. Outside of work, she is a passionate storyteller at the Moth, a member of the board of Copious Love Productions, and a partner in the Truman National Security Project. @candacefaber


Linda Lowry

LindaLowryLinda Lowry is a partner and Director of Marketing/Business Development at Tiger Mountain IT. She has a spirit for entrepreneurship and a mind for creative strategic marketing which is evident in the many ventures she has currently been involved with including Cin’atra Vodka, Re-Sleeves, and Zodiap. She is very passionate about the artistic community as she believes it fosters talent in the tech and science community. She is Chair and Founder of the Columbia Tower Club Art Committee, on the Board of Governors at the Columbia Tower Club, Board Member for Encanto, Board member on Latino Theatre Projects, and a published lifestyle writer and photographer.  @Linda_Lowry

Brett Greene

Brett is the Founder and CEO of New Tech Northwest and the Chief Evangelist at City Bldr. He has spoken at the White House, was listed in the Top 35 Social Media Power Influencers of 2015, has appeared on NBC Television as a social media expert and has been engaged in community building, marketing strategy and execution, brand development, mentoring, and digital communication services for 15+ years. @brettgreene

Britta Jacobs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABritta Jacobs is an Account Executive at PayScale. She caught the startup bug while doing sales and marketing for a local nutrition bar company. She brings a background in social cognitive psychology, curriculum development, and a passion for social justice to the Women in Tech Board. She also serves as branding manager for the non-profit The Martian Trust. @SwellBritta

Mei Lu

mei_lu_300x300Mei is the founder and CEO of and Geekology.bizShe caught the startup bug after working at M.I.T. and several startups with successful exits, such as MicroStrategy, and QPass.  Her favorite conversation topics include: jobs, careers, and anything geeky. Mei received her M.S. in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and her M.S. in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  In addition to WiT, she is also a member of the steering committee of Digital Eve Seattle, a non-profit-organization focusing on promoting professional growth of women (and men) in technology. @meiiam

Diane Najm

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANDAAAAJGI2MzExMDJlLTUwZTQtNDMyMS1hNzc2LTg0OGU1MzJmMGE1MADiane Najm is a serial Entrepreneur, and CEO & Founder of PhotoPad for Business. A leader and passionate advocate of the start-up community, Diane served as Former Director of Seattle Founder Institute; Mentor, Coach and Organizer for Startup Weekend; and Expert Panelist and Speaker on Entrepreneurship. She was invited to the White House Digital Tech Summit and served on Delegation for Vancouver First Startup Week. She was a panelist for Bridging the Gap between Seattle and Vancouver, and continually seeks ways to help entrepreneurs connect with one another, and to provide resources to assure success. Thought leader and advocate for women entrepreneurs, Diane seeks to empower them to pursue their startups and has served on various startup Advisory Boards, including Board of Directors to Women in Wireless and Women in Tech. Diane is passionate about giving back to the community and is serving on the Board of Trustee of Olive Crest, a non-profit. @photopad_vg

Chinara Satkeeva

Chinara is a Technology Manager at Google. She studied Political Science, International Relations and Sociology and realized that being in Technology is a great opportunity for activism. In addition to WiT, she is a board member at FIUTS (Foundation of International Understanding through Students) and leads Community Outreach for Google that focuses on advancement of women and underrepresented minorities. She grew up in Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous country in Central Asia, and has lived in Seattle for the past eight years. She is a history geek and greatly enjoys traveling and developing meaningful relationships.